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A positive patient experience is an important impact on health care processes and outcomes such as increasing patient adherence to medical advice, reducing utilization of unnecessary health care service etc. Using patient experience survey (PES) to promote patient-centred care is becoming valued in healthcare delivery worldwide. Patients’ voices and experience throughout the patient journey are being collected and understood to improve the quality of healthcare.


We have been taken up the responsibility in developing a first locally validated patient experience instrument (Hong Kong Inpatient Experience Questionnaire – HKIEQ) for measuring population-based inpatient experience in collaboration with the University of Oxford and The Picker Institute Europe since 2009. A robust methodology employing qualitative and quantitative studies was used in the development of the instrument for patients discharged from hospitals. To enable proactively collect feedback from patients with different disease and health needs, tools for measuring patient experience in specialist outpatient service and Accident and Emergency service were also co-developed with different service users and key stakeholders to measure patient experience on public hospital services. To enable the documentation and evaluation of patient experience on a regular basis, the validated short versions of the instruments were subsequently developed.  Using patient experience survey (PES) to promote patient-centred care is becoming valued in healthcare delivery worldwide.


The PES findings provide service providers with vital information for monitoring the quality of service and inform decisions and interventions for patient-centred care to patients.  PES serves as an important platform to engage patients, staff and the public for patient centred care and quality improvement in healthcare.

We also granted to develop a new PES instrument for mental health service in the community which allows the service users to provide feedback based on their own perception. It will act as a robust evaluative tool for specific service modules within the healthcare system.



New Round of Patient Experience Survey – Inpatient Service (2023-2024)

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