Workshop on “Social determinants of health – The context of ethnicity” by Prof Eng-kiong Yeoh on 31 Aug: from JCSATH’s Capacity Building Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals

Hong Kong is home to a multicultural society, with diverse cultures, customs, values, and health beliefs. With over 8% ethnic minority population in Hong Kong, efforts have continuously been made to ensure that our healthcare services are inclusive. Different kinds of barriers however persist over access to healthcare services among some ethnic minorities in Hong Kong. Funded by The Hong Kong Jockey Club Charities Trust, Jockey Club S.A.T.H. Project for Healthy Families (JCSATH) works hand in hand with ethnic minority families in Hong Kong for their enhanced health literacy, health management and improved access to health services. To better prepare healthcare professionals to work with ethnic minorities, a Capacity Building Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals (CBC-HCP), focusing particularly on stronger cultural awareness among our healthcare workforce, has been developed by JCSATH.

The CBC-HCP, with the twin goals of (1) enhancing cultural sensitivity of healthcare professionals in their interaction with ethnic minority service users, and (2) envisioning the roadmap for more inclusive healthcare services, consists of a series of mainly online training workshops, organized into three modules. The training workshops will be conducted by healthcare professionals with experience working with ethnic minorities, social service professionals and ethnic minority community members. The participation of healthcare professionals and ethnic minority ambassadors in the workshops highlights JCSATH’s emphasis on co-production of health. You are cordially invited to enrol in the CBC-HCP and sign up for our Inaugural workshop.


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