Invitation for Participating in Survey on Price Transparency of Private Healthcare Facilities in Hong Kong (HKD 100 reward upon completion)

The CUHK Jockey Club School of Public Health and Primary Care has been commissioned by Consumer Council to conduct a survey research on price transparency of private healthcare facilities in Hong Kong.  If you or your next-of-kin meet the following conditions:

  • Age 18 or above;
  • Received a common and non-emergency operation/procedure (e.g. Colonoscopy, Carpal tunnel release, Caesarean section and LASIK, etc. (Please click the link below for the full list of eligible operations/procedures)) on or after 1st October 2016 in a private hospital or a private day procedure centre; and
  • Obtained budget estimate for that operation/procedure

You are welcomed to call 2252 8459 or click the following link to enrol:  The survey will be conducted by telephone calls.  Participants who successfully finish the survey will be given HKD100 as a token of gratitude.

Note: The link above is the enrolment form only and is not the questionnaire itself.  The research team will further contact eligible participants for further arrangements of the survey.



  • 年滿18歲;
  • 曾於二零一六年十月一日或之後於私家醫院或私營日間醫療中心接受常見及非緊急手術/程序 (例如大腸鏡檢查、腕管鬆解術、剖腹分娩和激光矯視手術等 (請按以下連結以了解所有合資格手術/程序));及
  • 曾就該手術/程序取得服務費用預算。

歡迎致電 2252 8459 或按以下連結報名: