District Health Centre

District Health Centre Scheme was proposed by the government in 2017 to promote individual and community involvement, enhance coordination among various medical and social sectors, and strengthen district‑level primary healthcare services. Through public-private partnership and medical social collaboration, DHC aims to enhance public awareness of disease prevention and their capability in self‑management of health, make use of the local network to procure services from organisations and healthcare personnel serving the district and eventually reduce the demand for hospitalisation. The main features offered by DHC include health promotion, disease prevention and screening, chronic disease management, and community rehabilitation. The first DHC is located in Kwai Tsing district. Sham Shui Po DHC has just been launched in June 2021, and other district health centres are being set up in other districts progressively.


Our research team is commissioned by the government to monitor and evaluate the Kwai Tsing District Health Centre and Sham Shui Po District Health Centre by a mixed methodology using implementation science. Through the assessment of intervention components such as the centre’s structure and design using implementation science, the design of the intervention is facilitated and improved for better effectiveness. These insights into the implementation factors and contribution to the success of the DHC Scheme will be invaluable in prolonging sustainability and enabling the scale-up of the DHC Scheme to other districts and settings in the future.