Director’s Message

Prof. Eng-kiong Yeoh

Centre Director

With the global challenges of chronic diseases in an ageing population, it is increasingly evident that current health systems are no longer “fit-for-purpose” and need to be transformed to be people-centered and to provide integrated healthcare. However, more evidence is needed to inform how health system can be transformed to serve the new purpose. Therefore health policy and system research “… the production of new knowledge to improve how societies organize themselves to achieve health goals…” is crucial. It aims to produce evidence which helps to inform the many, varied, complex and critical decisions that must be made by policymakers and health service providers on how to better configure and organize health systems to improve population health and design strategies for implementation and effect change. It enables better understanding of how policies are initiated, formulated and decisions made and how programmes are designed and implemented and their impact on health outcomes. There is a recognition for a better integration of research and decision making at every stage of the policy making process and in the execution and implementation of policies.

Health policy and systems research is a complex field whose value is increasingly acknowledged by those responsible for population health at national and global levels. Understanding the relationships between health policies and health systems, as well as the broader determinants of health, requires the best minds from economics, sociology, anthropology, political science, medicine and public health.

The establishment of this Centre aims to serve as a hub for interdisciplinary policy and system research; to develop collaborative networks in developing and expanding research capacity through multidisciplinary and intersectoral global partnerships.