About Centre

About Centre

The Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research was established in 2019 with a generous donation from the Tung Foundation to support the work of Centre.

The Centre aims to

a. Stimulate the generation of new knowledge and innovations to nurture learning and resilience in health system through health system and policy research;

b. Catalyze engagement and collaboration with policymakers and researchers at local, regional and global levels; and

c. Implement mechanisms to identify and use available and new knowledge to improve health systems performance.

The Centre will approach studies from a multidisciplinary perspective and an inter-sectoral approach, connecting patients, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, researchers and policymakers in the search of new knowledge and emerging methods to address dynamic changing themes in the complex dimension of health services delivery which will improve the health of populations.

Mission and Vision:

Our mission is to seek new knowledge and further understanding of the complexity of health systems and how health systems and policies improve the health of population through research; and to transfer this knowledge to inform policy and support best practice.

The vision is to develop and promote the generation and use of health system and policy research as an instrument to strengthen health systems through multidisciplinary and inter-sectoral collaboration with institutions and organisations locally and globally.

Area of work:

The expected contributions of the Centre will include but not limited to the following:

    1. Research: We aim to develop methods and approaches for the generation and synthesis of knowledge in health systems and policy research. We will also research the enablers for adoption of the knowledge generated in strengthening health systems.
    2. Training: To equip healthcare professionals, academic staff, policymakers with knowledge and skills in health systems strengthening and policy analysis and research.
    3. Commissioned studies/ Consultancy: Through the application of the health systems and policy research, (i) to inform decisions in policy formulation, design and implementation, and (ii) to provide consultancy in the development and evaluation of health services.
    4. Policy forums/ health system conferences for knowledge transfer & co-production: To provide a platform and forum for the health systems and policy research and academic community to engender discussion and deliberations on methods, issues and the evidence needed to inform policy decisions.

Through research, training, commissioned studies/ consultancy and policy forums, the Centre would

    • Produce and publish high quality, relevant research and syntheses of knowledge in health systems and policy research;
    • Engage stakeholders including but not limited to policymakers, healthcare professionals, healthcare providers, patients, business and civil society in promoting and designing health systems and policy research to improve health of the population;
    • Inform health policy design and enable effective implementation of policy programmes; and
    • Build up capacity in training health systems strengthening and policy research.