Our mission is to seek to further the knowledge and understanding of the complexity of health systems and how health systems and policies improve the health of population through research; and to transfer this knowledge to inform policy and support best practice.


Online Symposium: “A Fit-for-Purpose Health System: Enabling Health for All”

Our Hong Kong Foundation, in collaboration with the Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research at the JC School of Public Health and Primary, CUHK co-organised a luncheon symposium on the topic of “A Fit-for-Purpose Health System: Enabling Health for All” on 20 December 2021.


Medical Registration (Amendment) Bill 2021

The research findings from our research team, lead by Prof Eng Kiong YEOH, suggested the improvement in healthcare quality when overseas doctors are admitted.


Intergenerational wellbeing and healthy ageing

an exhibition on the intergenerational wellbeing and healthy ageing was held by the JC Generation Connect Programme of the Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research from the 2nd to the 5th of December, 2021. More than 2,000 participants across generations attended the exhibition which aimed at promoting an equal, caring and supportive intergenerational relationships. Participants said that the exhibition did not only provide them with an understanding on intergenerational wellbeing; but also aroused their awareness and interest towards the issue in the future.


Exposure Settings Impact COVID-19 Transmission

A study conducted by Prof EK Yeoh's team showed that other than the infectiousness of the source, the physical setting where the infection was transmitted played a key role in the propagation of the virus in society.